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Why we don't do seasonal discounts

With the sales season in full swing people are asking me whether we are offering discounts on our collection.

The reason we don't offer discounts or participate in sales is because we don't sell traditional seasonal collections and don't want you to buy a different shirt every few months. We want you to have a unique product, made with love, something you buy for yourself or for other parents. That's why I made a quality product that was produced locally and socially sustainable.

All our shirts are designed by me, handmade and produced within 10 kms from where I live by an inclusive workshop called ONS Naaiatelier. 
They are made one by one by people who we've personally met. The choice was made consciously to invest in quality, social impact and craftsmanship, which affects the price and keeps my margins very low. If I would give discounts, I would also have to compromise on quality and impact - which is not something I want to do.

MaPa shirts are more than just fashion: they are my way of telling you that you are worth it.