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MaPa Parent Interview with Laura

How old is your child?
Lou is 4 years old

What is the most difficult for you in being a parent?
Staying mentally available

How do you rest?
I don’t lol. I never took nap when everyone was saying “sleep when she sleeps”. I like to be busy. But I rest while watching Eastenders or a good movie in the couch with a blanket around me. That’s how I rest. Sometimes I smoke too ahaha (I live in Holland).

Who or what helped you the most with the new-born baby?
My mum was here when Lou was born and we had a nurse the first week. She would come everyday to help (Dutch healthcare init)

What advice would you give to a woman who is expecting a baby?
Don’t expect anything. Take what everyone says with a pinch of salt. Only you know what feels right for your baby. And understanding your baby isn’t written in a book. It’s all gut feeling and love.